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Opening Reception | Chelsea Mandell

Please join us for the opening reception celebrating the solo show FRACTALS by interdisciplinary artist, Chelsea Mandell.

"Fractals are complex patterns found in nature. When we see a sea urchin, a pine cone, or a wave, we are witnessing fractals. Humans often desire the same consistent patterns that fractal objects embody.

A Circle in Japanese is referred to as an enso. The enso is often used as part of a meditation practice. The goal of the meditation is to draw a perfect circle using only one movement. This symbol represents oneness or wholeness however it is near impossible to complete a perfect circle. FRACTALS uses the concept of the enso to visually articulate the awareness of seeking wholeness at the ocean’s edge. When we swim, play or surf in the ocean we often have moments of divine inspiration and/or instances where we feel in rhythm with nature. Humans have an innate desire to find order in chaos, much like the fractal patterns create wholeness in natural landscapes. Similarly, the enso aims to achieve wholeness through a process of repetition. In its individual state and alongside other ensos, this meditation invites us to appreciate the attempt to create patterns and therefore wholeness all while accepting a human and therefore flawed inception.

This current body of work is an exploration on the shoreline of the Bay Area coast. Beach to beach, I take my watercolors and after swimming, surfing or walking the beach I attempt to distill the energy, movement and color that I feel. My artistic expression takes form via the enso to evoke the intense feelings of wholeness and awe I experience at the ocean. This is mirrored by sculptures that are thrown and then cut in a single motion to try and create a perfect circle or enso. I invite you to observe how the ensos interact with one another throughout the gallery space with fractal design in mind."

- Chelsea Mandell