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“My latest series ‘Down the Color Hole’ is an exploration into color and the concept of multiple dimensions. I use embroidery thread on images of old books and magazines to create the visual illusion of a new vantage point - a glitch in space and time from which the image seems to explode or implode, depending on how you look at it.

The process of creating these pieces is like a form of meditation. I take my time picking out my next image from old books and magazines, carefully preparing it for embroidery and selecting the different colors of thread I will use. My favorite part is the stitching itself, as it slowly reveals what the piece will look like. The repetition of the motions is very calming. Even though I always have an idea in my mind of the end result, I am always surprised by the finished piece. I enjoy spending a lot of time with the images, as there are so many new details that I will notice while working on them.”

- Natalie Ciccoricco


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